Illinois State Representative 111th District

Policy Issues

State Budget

We all know that Illinois is facing serious budget challenges. I worked with both Democrats and Republicans, rather than taking orders from party leaders, to cut government spending by $1 billion, helping ensure that the state lives within its means. These are very important steps and I remain committed to making sure that the state gets its finances back on track.

Jobs and the Economy

I know that having a vibrant and strong economy is important to everyone in my district. I will continue to work to create a friendlier business climate for companies to boost job creation. Dan is tired of politicians giving away tax dollars to companies that then close down or eliminate jobs. Dan will require companies that take tax breaks and move jobs out of state to repay every dollar they received from Illinois.


As a former special education teacher I understand the importance of a good education. Our schools and teachers need to right resources to help our children be successful. I voted against the state's education budget because it included too many harsh cuts that may negatively impact our schools and children. I am fighting for a law that limits the amount of money going to Chicago and guarantees more state funding for our local schools. I will always stand up for reforms that make our classrooms stronger.


I support a change in state law that would prohibit property tax increases when home values have decreased. I am also working to make sure the income tax increase is repealed in 2015 as promised.

I am tired of other politicians giving away our tax dollars to companies that then close down or eliminate jobs. I am fighting for legislation that will require companies that take tax breaks and then move jobs out of state or lay off workers to pay back every dime they received from state

Health Care

I know that too many families are burdened with the cost of rising health care costs. As much as $350 million taxpayer dollars are wasted every year through Medicaid abuse by scammers who illegally take benefits. I helped pass new standards so those who don't qualify for benefits are kicked off the program. I will also help ensure that senior citizens who have worked their whole lives to secure benefits can still receive them.

Government Reform

I voted to cut my own pay and support a law making it more difficult for lawmakers to raise their own salaries. To reduce fraud, I supported new standards for the Medicaid program to take away benefits and penalize those who are ripping off the system. I want to make sure illegal immigrants aren't getting taxpayer-funded benefits.

Gun Rights

I support concealed carry and am leading the fight against Chicago and Pat Quinn when it comes to their anti-gun proposals. I am a staunch pro-gun advocate and will always support the Second Amendment.


I believe in the sanctity of life and am a strong pro-life advocate in Springfield. I am rated fully pro-life by Illinois Citizens for Life and was endorsed by the Illinois Federation for Right to Life.